Find an LVN Program in South Carolina

Have you decided that you simply will never find a good-paying job in South Carolina that does not require extensive training and a degree? Are you the type of person who enjoys taking care of others? If you can relate to both of these questions, you should consider a career in vocational nursing. The average salary for LVNs in South Carolina is $50,000 per year, and the best thing about this career is that you do not need a degree!

For you to be eligible for employment as an LVN in South Carolina, you will need to earn a certificate or diploma in nursing. You can do this by completing an LVN program offered by such educational facilities as colleges, universities or vocational schools. Depending on the type of school you attend, it can take you anywhere from 12 to 18 months to complete all the required coursework in your program. After you graduate, you will need to sit for the National Council's Licensure Exam (NCLEX).

It is required for you to receive acceptable scores on both parts of the NCLEX before you can acquire a nursing license from the South Carolina Board of Nursing.