What You Should Know About LVN Licensure

LVN Licensure

Are you thinking about becoming a licensed vocational nurse but would like to learn how to go about obtaining an LVN license? Many people who are interested in becoming a nurse start out as LVNs. This is due mainly to the fact that you can typically complete LVN training and licensing requirements within just one to two years.

Main Requirements

The requirements for LVN licensing may vary slightly from one state to another. However, you can find out the exact requirements for your state by contacting your state's Board of Nursing or your local occupational licensing authority. The two main requirements that are common to all states are described below.

  • Certificate or Associate Degree - One of the main requirements for obtaining an LVN license is for you to complete an approved LVN program leading to a certificate or associate degree in nursing.
  • Passing Score on the NCLEX-PN Exam - This is a two-part licensing exam comprised of a multiple choice section and a practical skills portion. You must pass both parts of the NCLEX-PN to be eligible for licensing as an LVN.

Miscellaneous Requirements

In addition to the two main licensing requirements described above, there are various other requirements you may need to fulfill before you can obtain an LVN license. Again, this criteria may vary from state to state; however, some of the most common requirements are listed here.

  • Official College/University Transcripts
  • Jurisprudence Exam
  • Criminal Background Check and Fingerprints
  • Recent Passport-Sized Photo
  • Proof of Current CPR Certification
  • Licensing Application and Current Licensing Fee

Locating a Licensing Authority

In most states, you can apply for an LVN license from your state's Board of Nursing. However, there are some states that offer nursing licenses through various licensing authorities. In any case, you can easily find out how to obtain a license in your state by contacting the Board of Nursing where you wish to work.

If you have made the decision to become a licensed vocational nurse, you will enjoy many great benefits. Not only do LVNs enjoy excellent starting salaries and benefit packages, but they also enjoy highly flexible schedules, fantastic chances for advancement and an abundance of emotional rewards.