Find an LVN Program in Maine

Have you grown frustrated with trying to find a career in Maine that is in high demand and offers decent wages? Would you like to work in the medical field but do not want to spend more than a couple of years in training? If so, we have the career option for you! There is a growing need for LVNs in Maine, and those who choose to work here, earn average salaries of $45,000 per year!

For you to be eligible for employment as an LVN in Maine, you must earn a certificate or diploma in nursing from an accredited higher-education facility. There are many schools in Maine that offer LVN programs to aspiring nursing students. These programs typically only last about 12 to 18 months, after which time you can apply for a seat to take the National Council's Licensure Examination, also known as the NCLEX-PN.

During the NCLEX, you will need to complete both a written test and a practical skills evaluation. An acceptable score on the licensure exam is required before you can obtain licensing from the Maine Board of Nursing.