Find an LVN Program in Maryland

Is it your dream to find a career that will leave you feeling satisfied at the end of each workday? Can you picture yourself working in a medical setting? If so, why not consider enrolling in an LVN program? Not only do LVN careers offer plenty of emotional rewards, but they pay excellent salaries as well. The average salary for an LVN in Maryland is about $52,000 per year.

The first step to beginning an LVN career in Maryland is acquiring the knowledge and skills you will need for the job. You can accomplish this by enrolling in a state-approved training program offered by a community college, trade school or university. During your training, you will learn about such topics as human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, nursing for children, and nursing for seniors. Your program will last 12 to 18 months, after which time you must take the NCLEX-PN.

The NCLEX-PN is a licensure examination that is offered through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. You will need a passing score on this test before you can apply for a license from the Maryland Board of Nursing.