Find an LVN Program in Vermont

Do you think that it is simply impossible to find a career in Vermont that offers a great paycheck and job security even in a troubled economy? Although many careers struggle to stay afloat during difficult economic times, there are a few that continue to thrive. One such career is licensed vocational nursing. There is always a great need for LVNs in the U.S., and those who work in Vermont earn average salaries of $45,000 per year!

To be eligible for employment as an LVN in Vermont, the first thing you must do is enroll in an approved training program offered by a college, trade school or online education center. Your program will take you around 12 to 18 months to complete and will consist of such coursework as microbiology, human anatomy and physiology, computer science, communications, medical terminology, and pharmacology. Completing an approved program will allow you to apply for a position to take your licensing exam.

The vocational nurse licensing exam is known as the NCLEX-PN, and you can apply to take the test by visiting the website of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. You must pass the NCLEX to obtain a license from the Vermont Board of Nursing.