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So You Want to Take an Online LVN Program?

Distance learning through online degree programs at par with the evolving technology is now being offered by more and more schools nowadays. In the United States, online LVN Programs are gaining much popularity because of the many advantages it offers.

How do online LVN programs work?

Basically, online LVN programs allow students to complete their nursing education without having to go to an actual classroom. Such program utilizes a virtual class, otherwise termed as an online database, where students are given access to educational aids such as assignments, quizzes, and exercises.

Students living in the locality and even elsewhere can enroll to an online LVN program. The didactic portion of the program is channeled online, through e-mails, video simulations, and scheduled online discussions through live chat. Students are given the luxury of time to access the database at their most convenient time. However, deadlines need to be met for assignments and exercises.

However, since nursing is a hands-on course, the practical portion of the program cannot be done online. Practical trainings are to be done in actual medical setting, monitored by a clinical instructor. It is important to note that however done online, students need to strictly comply with the required number of hours on lectures and practical trainings. Moreover, major examinations need to be done in an actual classroom setting instead of online. This is to uphold strict guidelines in terms of educational quality.

Top 5 Online LVN Schools

Below, we've listed the top 5 most popular schools that offer online LVN programs:

  1. Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences - Online School
  2. St. Joseph's College - Online School
  3. South University – Online School
  4. California University of Pennsylvania – Online School
  5. Independence University – Online School

What are the advantages of an online LVN program?

The major pro of an online LVN program is the convenience. Students are able to access their lessons whenever they want and wherever they are. They can also take the class at a part-time basis, allowing them to continue working – not being able to sacrifice previous engagements to work and other responsibilities. Moreover, even if the program is offered let’s say in California, you can still acquire the online program if you are living in another state. The beauty of online LVN programs is that it is flexible and very convenient.

What are the disadvantages of an online LVN program?

Not all employers recognize the authenticity of an online program. Thus, students may have problems later on during employment regarding this matter. It is therefore crucial to look for a reputable school that offers an NLNAC-accredited online LVN program. It is also an issue that students undergoing an online program have lesser training in terms of the practical portion of the program. It also deprives students the chance to meet other classmates, thus lesser interaction is also an issue here. The cost of an online LVN program is not much different than a traditional LVN program, too. Students need to invest on a good computer unit and a reliable internet connection for the program. They are not also spared of the costs of having internship duties in a medical facility.

An online LVN program has its fair share of pros and cons. It is an excellent choice for aspiring nurses who are currently employed. However, it is not the best option for those who seek the full experience of being a student nurse.